Welcome! Online....On Time!

Renewal Begins October 1st and Ends December 31st

In August and September, the Board mails a series of direct mail pieces designed to inform all licensees about online renewals, as well as provide a method for licensees to request the traditional paper renewal packages. This series of mailers contains a card that can be returned to the HBLB as a request for paper renewal packages. These returnable cards are designed solely for those who do not have internet access. The HBLB encourages anyone that has the capacity to renew online to do so. Online license renewals are by far the easiest, most convenient, fastest and most accurate way for Alabama's homebuilders and remodelers to renew their licenses each year.

    • Online...On Time! license renewals are ACCURATE.
      The electronic renewal process eliminates errors and omissions by
      the use of required fields.
    • Online...On Time! license renewals are EASIER.
      The online application guides the applicant through the process and is
      available 24-7. Applicants can renew as late as 11:59 PM on the day
      of the deadline.
    • Online...On Time! license renewals are FASTER.
      Application responses and payment confirmation are transferred to the
      Home Builders Licensure Board database immediately, with no delay or
      lag time as with a postal service and paper renewal applications.

Paper vs. Online Renewal Facts:

    • Licensees must request a paper renewal package by returning a postcard sent to them for that purpose or by written request sent directly to the HBLB. Otherwise a paper renewal package WILL NOT be mailed October 1.
    • All licensing deadlines are the same. Online renewals will begin October 1 of each year and be accepted as timely renewed when the final payment button is pressed until 11:59 PM November 30th.
    • All electronic renewals received between December 1 and 11:59 PM of December 31, will be considered late, and a $50 late fee will automatically be applied.
    • The online renewal login is disabled as of midnight, January 1. No electronic renewals will be received on or after January 1. Any license remaining to be renewed will be considered expired, and a $350 expired license application processing fee will automatically be applied.
    • Visa and MasterCard will be accepted for payment of online licensing services.
    • A link is provided here for online credit report ordering.