If inquiring about a licensee, please include the licensee's name and/or license number in your message so that we might better assist you.

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    Mailing Address:

    Home Builders Licensure Board
    P. O. Box 303605
    Montgomery, AL 36130-3605


    Physical Address:

    Home Builders Licensure Board
    445 Herron Street
    Montgomery, AL 36104


    Telephone Numbers:

    Toll Free: 800-304-0853
    Office: 334-242-2230
    Fax: 334-263-1397


    J. R. “Chip” Carden, Jr. Executive Director
    J. Seth Gowan Deputy Attorney General
    Lauren Razick Assistant Attorney General
    Melanah Poole Executive Secretary
    Beth Turpen Senior Accountant
    Sheila Heredia Account Clerk
    Caitlin Bias Receptionist
    Darlene Burt Director of Compliance and Continuing Education
    Sammie Jamieson Paralegal/Compliance
    Britney Jones Compliance
    Kelley Davis Compliance/Licensure
    Zeshonne Luster Licensure
    Spring Luster Licensure
    Regina Brown Licensure
    Stephen McCollough Chief Investigator
    Laura Evans Senior Investigator
    Blake Godsey Investigator
    Ellis Morgan Investigator
    Ronald Goodenough Investigator
    Suanne Parnell IT Manager