Renewals begin October 1, 2023. All licensees and/or designated qualifying representatives for a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership under the age of 60 must obtain six (6) credit hours of continuing education before being issued a 2024 license.

  • At least two (2) credit hours each year must come from an Alabama specific course.
  • The providers will notify the Board when you have completed continuing education. 


    • Military who were activated/deployed for 90 consecutive days during a licensure year
    • Licensee submitting renewal application for the first time.
    • Licensee experiencing a personal hardship (Must be approved by Continuing Education Committee).
    • Licensee who has taught continuing education approved by the Board.
    • Inactive licensees. Six (6) hours continuing education must be completed to return to active status.
    • Licensees who will be 60 by October 1st.