Beginning in the 2022 renewal year, all licensees and/or designated qualifying representatives for a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership under the age of 60 must obtain six (6) credit hours of continuing education before being issued a 2022 license. If you are or will be age 60 by October 1st, complete and return the Continuing Education Age Exemption Form.

Click here for the Continuing Education Age Exemption Form.

Must complete at least two (2) credit hours of approved Alabama specific courses such as Contracts, Business Organizations and Law, Financial Management, Consumer/Customer Relations and Management, State of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Law and Regulations and Risk Management: Avoiding Common Violations.


    • Military who were activated/deployed for 90 consecutive days during a licensure year
    • Licensee submitting renewal application for the first time.
    • Licensee experiencing a personal hardship (Must be approved by Continuing Education Committee).
    • Licensee who has taught continuing education approved by the Board.

Inactive licensees must complete six (6) hours to enter active status. Licenses can carry over up to six (6) into the following licensure year.

Must complete continuing education on or before Nov. 30th to avoid fifty ($50) administrative late fee.

For additional information, please follow the link below for Continuing Education Procedures and Guidelines, contact us at (334) 242 - 4654 or email