The goal of the building officials and the Home Builders Licensure Board is to promote public health, safety, and welfare. As a team, the shared goal of protecting consumers from unlicensed builders can be reached. No consumer wants to be blindsided by an unlicensed builder. The building inspections department is the first line of defense. The quickest way to sack an unlicensed builder is to deny the permit and report the unlicensed activity to the Board.

Stop Work Orders

When an unlicensed builder is identified and work is ongoing, the Board can post a stop work order. The Board will lift the stop work order and provide notification to the building official upon receipt of the following:

  • An Affidavit from the homeowner, licensee or exempt general contractor
  • Building permit issued to the homeowner, licensee, or exempt general contractor if the residence is in a permitted area
  • Contract between the homeowner and the licensee or exempt general contractor

If the building official posts a stop work order because the builder does not hold a residential home builders license issued by the Board, the building official must notify the Board.

Reporting Unlicensed Builders

To report an unlicensed builder, call the Builder Watch Hotline at (800) 304-0853 or complete a Unlicensed Builder Tip sheet for building officials.

Reporting Licensees

To report a licensee in violation of Home Builder Law, call the Builder Watch Hotline at (800) 304-0853.

Revocations and Suspensions

The Board provides notification to building officials upon the suspension or revocation of a residential home builders license.


Solar Panel Advisory Opinion

Advisory Opinion, AD OP 22-068

ISSUE:           Whether companies and/or individuals need a residential home builders license to install solar panels on residential structures within the state of Alabama.

OPINION:     For the installation of solar panels on a residential structure where the cost of the undertaking exceeds $10,000, or $2,500 when the panels are installed on the residential roof, an unlimited license issued by the Board is required.

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