Revocations and Suspensions

The Board provides notification to building officials upon the suspension or revocation of a residential home builders license.

 Stop Work Orders

When an unlicensed builder is identified and work is ongoing, the Board will post a stop work order. The Board will lift the stop work order and provide notification to the building official upon receipt of the following:

  • Affidavit from homeowner, licensee, or exempt general contractor
  • Building permit issued to licensee
  • Contract between homeowner and licensee

If the building official posts a stop work order because the builder does not hold a residential home builders license issued by the Board, the building official must notify the Board.


Reporting Unlicensed Builders

To report an unlicensed builder, call the Builder Watch Hotline at (800) 304-0853 or complete a Unlicensed Builder Tip sheet for building officials.

Reporting Licensees

To report a licensee in violation of Home Builder Law, call the Builder Watch Hotline at (800) 304-0853.

Timely Renewal Reminder

As a reminder, the Alabama Administrative Code states that the current license of any licensee who timely renews (that is, renews before midnight on December 31) is good until the Board issues the new license for the coming year, or denies the license application. If you are denied permits based upon your current license, but have timely renewed, please ask the building department to contact the Board to verify your status as timely renewed.