§ 34-14A-6 Exemptions

This chapter does not apply to:

(1) Any employee of a licensee who does not hold himself or herself out for hire or engage in residential home building, except as such employee of a licensee.

(2) An authorized employee of the United States, the State of Alabama, or any municipality, county, or other political subdivision, if the employee does not hold himself or herself out for hire or otherwise engage in residential home building except in accordance with his or her employment.

(3) General contractors holding a current and valid license, issued prior to January 1, 1992, under Chapter 8 of this title.

(4) Real estate licensees, licensed engineers, and licensed architects operating within the scope of their respective licenses on behalf of clients.

(5) a. Owners of property when acting as their own contractor and providing all material supervision themselves, when building or improving one-family or two-family residences on such property for the occupancy or use of such owners and not offered for sale. This exemption may not be transferred to any other person, including, but not limited to, an agent through a power of attorney.

b. In any action brought under this chapter, proof of the sale or offering for sale of such structure by the owners of property, as provided in this subdivision, within one year after completion of same is presumptive evidence that the construction was undertaken for the purpose of sale.

(6) Mobile homes or to any structure that is installed, inspected, or regulated by the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission or the repair, improvement, or reimprovement of any such structure, and shall not in any way change or interfere with the duties, responsibilities and operations of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission as defined in Sections 24-4A-1 through 24-6-4.

(7) Agricultural buildings, except for any residence contained therein. (Acts 1992, No. 92-608, p. 1282, § 6; Acts 2002, No. 02-72; Acts 2006, No. 06-105, § 6; Acts 2018, No. 18-143, § 1.)