§ 34-14A-18 Property acquisition fund

(a) The board may acquire and hold, in its own name, real property by purchase, gift, lease, lease with the option to purchase, or other lawful means, except eminent domain, which real property is used by the board to carry out its responsibilities. The board may also transfer, sell, convey, or cause to be conveyed real property and any improvements thereon, subject to the requirements of this section. In purchasing any real property, maintaining it, or making improvements thereto, the board may expend any funds contained in the property acquisition fund established by subsection (b), and any obligations created in connection with the purchase or improvement of the real property shall not create debts, obligations, or liabilities of the State of Alabama. As used in this section, real property shall include land, lots, and all things and interests, including lease hold interests, pertaining thereto, and all other things annexed or attached to the land which would pass to a vendee by conveyance of the land or lot, including mineral and gas and oil interests. All sales or leases made by the board of any real property owned or held by the board shall be subject to the requirements of Article 3, Chapter 15, Title 9. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the proceeds from the sale of real property owned by the board which are distributed pursuant to Section 9-15-83, shall be paid to the board and deposited into the property acquisition fund.

(b) The board may establish a property acquisition fund, the proceeds from which may be used by the board for the acquisition of real property. Each licensee shall, on order of the board, pay a fee not to exceed sixty dollars ($60), no more than once a year, per license for deposit in the property acquisition fund. A licensee on inactive status shall not be required to contribute to the property acquisition fund.

(c) The funds received by the board pursuant to this section shall be deposited into the State Treasury and held in a special fund to be known as the Home Builders Property Acquisition Fund and shall be held by the board in trust for carrying out the purposes of the property acquisition fund. The funds so received may be invested by the State Treasurer in any investments which are legal under the laws of this state. Any interest or other income from investments of the property acquisition fund shall be deposited into the fund. At the end of each fiscal year, any unencumbered and unexpended balance of the amount appropriated for that fiscal year shall not revert to the State General Fund of the State Treasury under Section 41-4-93, but shall carry over to the next fiscal year. (Acts 2006, No. 06-105, § 18.)