Thank you for visiting our  Rules and Regulations section.  You may view and download a copy of Ala. Admin. Code r. 465 (2022) governing the Home Builders Licensure Board here.

There have been changes to the Board’s Administrative Rules and Regulations.

  • The Board is no longer required to charge a $50.00 late fee if licensees fail to complete continuing education by November 30th.
  • In cities and counties that have not adopted a residential building code, the Board will apply the 2015 International Residential building Code (IRC) when conducting investigations involving contracts that were entered into on or after February 13, 2022. In cities and counties with an adopted building code, the Board will apply the code adopted by the city or county. Click here for a more detailed explanation.
  • Licensees are no longer required to provide a written explanation of pending lawsuits.
  • Within 45 days of the departure of the designated qualifying representative (DQR), the licensee must submit a hardship waiver that includes documentation reflecting the cause of the DQR’s departure. The hardship waiver can be granted for no more than 135 days. The hardship waiver must accompany a fee of $125.00.  The fee is $75.00 for a roofers license.
  • Military Education and training may be used to satisfy a portion of the experience and ability requirement.
  • There is now a $25.00 fee to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged license. There is no charge to replace an undelivered license. Licensee’s must complete an Affidavit found on the Board’s website.
  • There is now a $100.00 processing fee to change the DQR.
  • To seek non-traditional continuing education course credit, licensees may submit the request for approval within the current license year and prior to the renewal of the license for the following year.